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First Aid Trauma Class




When: Saturday January 26, 2019 from 9am to 11am


Where: New Mexico Game and Fish building on Northrise Blvd.


Taught By: Lieutenant Jeremy Storey of the Las Cruces Police Department.

 Jeremy heads up LCPD SWAT team and is a decorated veteran.  Through his training and combat experience Jeremy is uniquely qualified to teach those interested in treating trauma wounds. Lt. Storey is a master class shooter who knows this subject as well as anyone in Southern New



Cost:  No charge to Picacho Gun Club members in good standing


RSVP:  The seating is limited to the first 30 people that respond to Bill Parshall

at BParshall@BrandYourBusiness.com.   Because seating is limited, the

first 30 people that respond are in.  A waiting list will be started for those who respond after the first 30. 




Butterfield Shooting Range Update:

*Butterfield Range now has 4 new bays at the action pistol thanks to Mark Johnston, Park’s Administrator, Ralph Martinez, Butterfield Range Supervisor, Bill Davis, Caliper Construction,  Bill Martin and Craig Tharp.  It took Bill’s worker only 3 days with a D-6 to clean and push the dirt.  Ralph sent out his best equipment workers to work the week before and they had the bays all lined up.  They kept working after the D-6 was finished and build up all the bays.  More information and pictures will be available at the meeting.  A “Special Thank You” goes out to Jim Radel for staking out the bays.

Third Thursday Workdays :     

Below is a list of the jobs we need to work on:                                                                         

1. Clean out the storage building (This can be done any day)                                                    

2.  Finish painting the Silhouette poles and paint the bleachers.       

Please call Cindy 644-1579 or e-mail rteach25@comcast.net if you want to help on Thursdays.  The gate is latched not locked just come in and close the gate.  If we are not at the building we will be at one of the ranges working.

Review of Constitution/By-Laws


All members are asked to review the Constitution/By-Laws.  We will be considering changes to reflect the recent changes in the make up of the club.  You will be asked to vote on the changes at our regular meetings sometime in the fall.  Click HERE to view/print the current document.  It requires Adobe Reader.  You can also find a new navigation button to view the document.




   Attention concealed carry license holders!

NM-DPS is reviewing reciprocity agreements with other state and there are ongoing major changes.  Before you cross a state line, please check directly with the states you will be entering.  The following is the link to the NM Reciprocity page.  On that page, click on the state you need and it will link you directly with that state's reciprocity page.

New Mexico DPS Reciprocity Agreements 

The website Hand Gun Law is another on-line resource.  It has a map that allows you to view the pertinent informational links.  If you elect to carry in another state, remember that you are bound by the laws of that state.


The following information was valid on 5/1/2012 - Please check the DPS website for most up-to-date information

The following states recognize NM permits  but you must abide by that state’s carry laws.

Valid June 8, 2012

Before traveling, check individual states at www.dps.nm.org or www.handgunlaw.us






North Carolina


North Dakota  

Florida Ohio




South Dakota












West Virginia






Frank Conway: 1919 - 2011



PGC and shooters across the country mourn the passing of PGC founder member Frank Conway.  Frank's health had been declining swiftly and he passed Monday, April 25.  Frank was the last of the members (to the best of my knowledge) who started Picacho Gun Club in the mid-1960's.  Rarely missing a meeting and always active in every project the club had, Frank also held every office in the Club ..... and more than once!10  As Chief Instructor, he always had a firearms related topic and it was often a talk from his incredible store of knowledge about all things firearms and shooting.  As a gunsmith, most of us felt that Frank was the only man to go to ..... he was unique in that if he didn't have a tool to do the job, he made one!   Frank was truely one of a kind and he will be sorely missed.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christine, Franz and Thomas and their families.